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RITTA operates one of the oldest Table Tennis groups in New England. There has been a RITTA club in existence since 1945. The original club was in Providence. In the 70s, the club moved to Warwick. In the 80s, the present club in Manville was opened. In the 90s a satellite club was opened in East Greenwich.



October 2007

Manny 1, Manny 2, Manny 3, Manny 4, Doug 1, Jack 1, Nam 1, Nam 2, Nam 3, Nam 4, Rich 1, Rich 2, Peter 1, Peter 2, Peter 3, Sonny 1, Sonny 2, Xue Di 1

2007 Winter Classic Tournament Photos

» Bruno Bianchi serves to Larry Bavly (Eduard Hamamjian is on the next table)
» Kamil Reijman practices serves
» Nam serves for Dorchester against Chinatown
» Fans watching the event

2005 RI Open Tournament Photos

» Bruce Goff, Paul Belhumeru, Mohamad Al-Sabek Await the return of electricity !
» Hank Camillo with boots
» Kyle Landry 4-3-05
» Open Division Artur Samek 1st Rich DeWitt 2nd
» Power Outage 2005 Open
» Power Outage 2005 Open 2
» U2700 Doubles 1st Place (Art Theroux and Arys Batista)
» U2700 Doubles 2nd Place (Alan Sullivan and Chuck Cavecchio)
» U2700 Doubles 1st v. 2nd
» Under 1000 Alan Sullivan def Jennifer Weng
» Under 1200 Jin-Woo Chun def Arys Batista
» Under 1400 Ed Ciboroski def Jin-Woo Chun
» Under 1600 Bernardo Salcedo def Art Theroux
» Under 1800 Paul Belhumeur def Krishnan Venkatramanan
» Under 2000 Trunk Pham def Po Chan
» Unrated Liu def Luis Battista
» Unrated Participants

2004 RI Open Tournament Photos

» Art Theroux and Xue Di
» Ken Hartt and Xiaowu Sun
» Mohammed Al-Sabek
» Open - Subhajit Maitra and Mike Baylies
» U1200 - Anisa Mohammed and Kevin Chau
» U1500 - Paul Ferriero and Art Theroux
» U1800 - Alex Chaung and Danya Budiman w/Paul Belhumeur
» U2700 Doubles - Manny Silva and Saif Mohammed
» U2700 Doubles - Anisa and Zalfquar Mohammed
» U1400 - Anisa Mohammed and Kevin Chau
» Unrated - Bruce Goff and Mark Maguire

Photos from Christian Enss

» Hank Camilio, Kim Brastow, Jim Stors, and Doug Smith playing doubles
» RITTA board members in their "office"
» Nice shot of the entire playing area.

Do you have photos of the club or club members in action?






» Xue Di, Kim Brastow, Doug Smith, Richard Bowling


» Paul Belhameur, Mohamed Al-Sabek, Kamil Reijman, Chuck Cavicchio


» Mike Baylies


» Steve Hopkins (with Rich DeWitt)


» Manny Silva


» Po Chan (with Trung Pham)

» (right to left) Mohamed Al Sabek, Manny Silva, Patrick Tay, Kim Brastow, Doug Smith



























































Club Phone: 401 769 6666 Club Email: contact@ritta.org

Board of Directors: Chuck Cavicchio (President), Steve Hopkins (VP),

Manny SIlva, Mohamad al-Sabek, Arys Batista